Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheap and Free tools for your Business Analysis

There may be people who may not be able to spend large bucks for their business and some may able to spend large amounts of money to do some analysis on their websites to know the pro's n con's related to their websites. For the people who cant afford money there are some tools which are available for free of cost and some tools available at a min amount which can be used for their benefit. Here i have compiled a list of Tools which you can use on your sites to do some research activity into it.

Competitive Research Tools

1) Compete
compete is an online competitive research tool, which combines the Site and Search Analytics in one site which helps you to quickly identify rival search marketing strategies. Compete provides the results in 3 ways: according to the Visitors Trending, their Engagement with the site and the Growth of the Visitors towards the site which becomes handy for everyone.

2) Spyfu
Spyfu is another free tool which can be used to find the Top organic keywords, Top Organic competitors, Top Ad Competitors, for a normal seo site. If you are working on PPC it can provide you some handy information on Daily Ad Budget, Total Clicks/Day, Avg Cost/Click, Avg Clicks/Day, Avg Ad Competitors, Avg Ad Percentile, Avg Ad Position which may help in getting useful information regarding yours competitors.

3) SEODigger
SEODigger is another tool which shows the sites rankings for the keywords. Seodigger works by building a reverse index of Google. It helps in finding the keywords a competitor has targeted and whats the position the site is holding for those respective keywords. One needs to Upgrade for a premium account to avail all the advanced features of it!

Keyword Tools

1) Wordze
Wordze is a great tool which can be used to find the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly search trends of keywords. You can also find out how a particular keyword is performing on any given day, week, or month. For about $38.98/month or $7.95/day you can use it to avail all its features.

2) KeywordDiscovery
KeywordDiscovery gives you the volume of search terms. It gives you a free and paid version. This tool gives you the search phrases people use to find products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors.

3) Word Tracker
Wordtracker is also an extreamly useful keyword tool which comes in paid and free versions. While free version has some limitations a paid version can be very handy and worth a try. At $59USD/month or $329USD/yr this tools has its advantages when compared with other tools

4) Google Keywords Tool
Google keywords tool which is completely free gives you new keyword ideas for yours website. You can type a keyword or use yours own site to generate new keyword ideas.

5) Google Traffic Estimator Tool
Google Traffic Estimator tool can be used to get traffic details for new keywords. Without adding the keywords details to yours Adwords account you can get the keyword costs details for the keywords which is helpful for Adwords Account holders

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