Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Google announces - Ad Manager Certified Consultants Program

we are all aware of Google Ad manager which serves as an ad serving tool was rolled out last year to take advantage of the Ad management process. Now for those who are interested in Google certification on this Google has announced a Google Ad Manager consultant partnership program, with companies which are interested in providing advanced ad serving support and professional services.

Thought you be a newbie or an experienced IT or sales personnel these certified partners will help you take full advantage of their experience using Google Ad Manager which will allow you to spend more time focusing on what you need to do best, bringing great content, while their partners can help you manage the rest.

Google Ad Serving Certified Consultants can assist you with services such as:
1) Ad Trafficking
2) Consultation
3) Training
4) Advanced Support

As of now four companies which include Acceleration, EpikOne, Outsourced Ad Ops and Vanguardistas are listed as certified partners under this program.

If you are new and interested in setting up an Ad Manager on your blog or site you can go through this tutorial

Twitter opens up third party apps

For those who are interested in making third-party applications for twitter. Here comes a good news!. A unique protocol called "OAuth authentication protocol" (which is now available in public beta) can be used by developers to develop third-party applications for Twitter that can access users account information without requiring them to log in.

With the use of this unique protocol users no long require to give their login details to third-party apps to use them which means that your login and password informations are less likely to be misused.

Twitter attracted more than 7m unique US users last month, representing year-on-year growth of 1,382%.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SEO 101 - Twitter Tool Launch

David Brown and Brian Mark discuss the launch of David’s pet project which is a "social media business card" site where users can register their profiles pertaining to social media and then keep a greeting video for people who are going to view their profile.

You can use your Twitter username and password and build your very own TweetMe page with Video, picture, content, links...

David describes this project as, If Twitter is the answer to "What are you doing right now?" Then is the answer to "Why should you follow me?"..Hmm thats interesting. isn't it?

TagCrowd - Visualizing word frequencies

Tagcrowd. Now what is this all about?. Alright to know what its all going to offer for Web 2.0's, SEO's and bloggers, etc..just head on

You might have heard of or come across "Text clouds" which are mainly used for navigation and visualization on Web 2.0 sites that utilize user-generated meta-data tags as a categorization scheme. Flickr may be a good example for you here. Check the image below or

click the url

Now What is Tagcrowd and how it is different in comparison with others:
TagCrowd is a simple web application for picturing word frequencies in any user supplied text. It was created by a doctoral student in Design and Education at Stanford University called Daniel Steinbock.

What "Tagcrowd" does is it looks at a text cloud by not only as an informative, beautiful image that communicates in a single glance but also as an whole new perspective on text. TagCrowd is taking tag clouds far beyond their original function:
1) by summarizing the topics for speeches and written works
2) as a blog or web analysis tool for SEO's
3) for data mining a text corpus
4) as resumes in a single glance
5) as visual poetry
and many more as the list continues to grow

Bulk follow and unfollow twitter users using Twitin(Buzzom)

For all those who are interested in increasing their followers on Twitter in a large number here is an cool twitter application Twitin which can be used to follow or unfollow twitter users in bulk.

As per Twitter API use limitation it has kept a limitation on the number of follows and unfollows. You can bulk flush/unfollow 50 twitter users at a time, Grow/follow upto 25 at one go and Reciprocate/follow your followers back upto 50.

You can use the Flush, Grow and Reciprocate buttons on the top to start working with the application. When clicked on any of those buttons you will be asked to enter your twitter password to enter. Just enter it to start using the application and increase your followers.

In addition to the above you can also get the

Twit Count :
ReTwit Count :
Influence Score :
Retweet Score :
Tweet Efficiency Score :
InRev Twit Score :

All these metrics helps you to track your twitter efficiency even better.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Google Analytics Launches Skills Qualification Program

If you have just started working on your Google Analytics and just worried of how to use it in a better way and looking for some skills and expertise in using it more efficiently. Well, there's nothing to worry about this now as Google has got some good news for you. It is offering a free online course in web analytics techniques and Google Analytics implementation, administration, and analysis tools for everyone who is interested. Yes its absolutely Free ! Training program guys.

Google Analytics IQ Certification

In addition to this Google is launching a skills qualification program. The program is called as Google Analytics IQ or Google Analytics Individual Qualification. When you get this Certification it will help you to use Google brand to brand yourself to the clients or raise your reputation to your boss if you are in-house professional.

Google says this test costs 50$ and you must get a score of at least 75% to pass it and receive the certification.

More Details can be found at
For FAQ's visit FAQ's
For Google Analytics IQ Test
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