Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bulk follow and unfollow twitter users using Twitin(Buzzom)

For all those who are interested in increasing their followers on Twitter in a large number here is an cool twitter application Twitin which can be used to follow or unfollow twitter users in bulk.

As per Twitter API use limitation it has kept a limitation on the number of follows and unfollows. You can bulk flush/unfollow 50 twitter users at a time, Grow/follow upto 25 at one go and Reciprocate/follow your followers back upto 50.

You can use the Flush, Grow and Reciprocate buttons on the top to start working with the application. When clicked on any of those buttons you will be asked to enter your twitter password to enter. Just enter it to start using the application and increase your followers.

In addition to the above you can also get the

Twit Count :
ReTwit Count :
Influence Score :
Retweet Score :
Tweet Efficiency Score :
InRev Twit Score :

All these metrics helps you to track your twitter efficiency even better.


  1. You can also use flashtweet.com

  2. I like to mention another twitter app http://twitRobot.com

    I think this is the First and only bulk follow application that we can follow 300 targeted users at a time. Filter & follow friends from other twitter user accounts.


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