Friday, November 28, 2008

PeekYou - Peoples Search Engine

"Peek You" explained as a contradiction of People and Seek is a peoples search engine claims to have indexed over 160 million people, mostly in the regions of US and Canada. Peekyou helps in finding the social-networking pages, photos, websites, etc. However one needs to register and create a profile of their own or of their friends or relatives to ensure that they may also be easily found online.

My comments:
Though the company claims to have indexed over 160 million people when i searched for barack obama, George bush, there are many duplicates(58 matches, 1274 matches) coming up in the results. Results were quite unimpressive.

check out for Wink and Spock in this regard which are designed to help you find people.

Keyboardr - Experience A Lightning Fast Search with Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboardr a meta-search home page makes your internet experience faster. keyboardr is a mashup of Google (blog and image search), Wikipedia and YouTube working at the speed of knots. Once you start typing words into it and come up with the results which you like you can use the arrow keys to move to the result and hit enter to open it. If you are really interested in the keyboard navigation feature the keyboradr is something which you shouldn't miss trying out for. Impressive feature of keyboardr is its speed of displaying the results.

click the above image to enlarge

keyboardr (formerly has some big plans for its future and looking to integrate more web services in the coming days. Apart from the usual websearch services like google, it is planning to support flickr, delicious, friendfeed, twitter, google docs and numerous other features.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Google Launches Google Analytics Help Forums

Are you frustrated that you are not getting much help related to the usage of Google analytics. Now you no need to get obsessed with that. Google may have finally heard your sighs of frustration and boredom, as they've finally announced to launch the new Google Analytics Help Forum which comes as a thanksgiving news for Google Analytics enthusiasts.

A place where you can shoot in your questions and get replies from the Google Analytics experts. Now are you worried that only noobs will be helping you out? Fret not; just relax; answers are voted on by the community, with only the "Best Answers" gaining the visibility. To make things even better to you, as your typing your question a list of "Related Questions" will pop up. Sounds Good right :)

If you're not interested in a change, and happy with the old Help Center it's still there. You can still search your content there, but it is closed for new posts. This allows the Analytics team to give their complete dedication to the all new forum.

Cheers Google !!

Amazon To Shut Down Alexa Web Search

Alexa the web search company from Amazon is shutting down its operations. The service is already closed to new customers, and existing users have until January 26, 2009 to move on to something else.

In an email to the developers it says the reason behind closing the Alexa web search is due to its low search. On the Alexa Web Search site itself Amazon mentioned that the service has been "deprecated", which is a fancy word for shut down.

The email:

Dear Alexa Developer,

The Alexa Web Search service will no longer be available to new customers as of November 26, 2008. Use of the service is low, so we are shifting our priorities to other areas where we can provide better service to AWS customers.

The Alexa Web Search service will continue to be operational for 60 days until January 26, 2009. The ProgrammableWeb website offers a list of web services that provide web search.

We apologize for the inconvenience to you.

Thank you,

The Alexa Web Services Team

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