Thursday, November 27, 2008

Google Launches Google Analytics Help Forums

Are you frustrated that you are not getting much help related to the usage of Google analytics. Now you no need to get obsessed with that. Google may have finally heard your sighs of frustration and boredom, as they've finally announced to launch the new Google Analytics Help Forum which comes as a thanksgiving news for Google Analytics enthusiasts.

A place where you can shoot in your questions and get replies from the Google Analytics experts. Now are you worried that only noobs will be helping you out? Fret not; just relax; answers are voted on by the community, with only the "Best Answers" gaining the visibility. To make things even better to you, as your typing your question a list of "Related Questions" will pop up. Sounds Good right :)

If you're not interested in a change, and happy with the old Help Center it's still there. You can still search your content there, but it is closed for new posts. This allows the Analytics team to give their complete dedication to the all new forum.

Cheers Google !!

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