Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TagCrowd - Visualizing word frequencies

Tagcrowd. Now what is this all about?. Alright to know what its all going to offer for Web 2.0's, SEO's and bloggers, etc..just head on

You might have heard of or come across "Text clouds" which are mainly used for navigation and visualization on Web 2.0 sites that utilize user-generated meta-data tags as a categorization scheme. Flickr may be a good example for you here. Check the image below or

click the url

Now What is Tagcrowd and how it is different in comparison with others:
TagCrowd is a simple web application for picturing word frequencies in any user supplied text. It was created by a doctoral student in Design and Education at Stanford University called Daniel Steinbock.

What "Tagcrowd" does is it looks at a text cloud by not only as an informative, beautiful image that communicates in a single glance but also as an whole new perspective on text. TagCrowd is taking tag clouds far beyond their original function:
1) by summarizing the topics for speeches and written works
2) as a blog or web analysis tool for SEO's
3) for data mining a text corpus
4) as resumes in a single glance
5) as visual poetry
and many more as the list continues to grow

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