Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Microsofts U Rank

Microsoft is test running in its search labs an interesting search engine U Rank which will help its souls to edit, organize and share the search information with others. This may be of some interest for the geeks.

U Rank is useful for:
a) Creating perfect search results: i.e., to add videos and images for the existing context.
b) Short-cuts: To Move your favorite sites up; and then put an ! in front of the query so that you can go straight to the top result.
c) Lists: Keep lists while you’re researching (“hotels for my next trip”, “DSLRs for me”)
d) Annotate results: Write notes to summarize important information under each URL.
e) Collaboration: Sharing the URLs with friends (“related projects”, “our reading list”)
f) Make Recommendations: Tell your friends what you like (“best books,” “favorite restaurants”)

Some snippets from the research done on the results can be found in these screen captures: click the images to enlarge

As quoted in its website "We believe that finding something on the web is only the first step for many tasks. To better support people as they are exploring a topic, comparing information, keeping track of what they're learning, and collaborating with others, U Rank has general support for organizing, annotating, remembering, and sharing search results." The basic idea behind this project seems to be helping its people to use search technologies in a better way which helps them to edit the results and effectively share them with others.

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