Monday, October 13, 2008

Different job profiles related to Online Marketing

Online Marketing is on its booming stage but still there are many who not aware about the Job prospects related to it exceptions being those who are already into Marketing and Marketing related fields. Here i have compiled a list of fields which are related to the Online Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimizor(often called as SEO)
2. Online marketing Specialist
3. Affiliate marketing Specialist
4. Product Manager
5. Web designer
6. Web Developer (php.asp..Net)
7. Link Exchange
8. UI expert
9. Account director
10. Web Analytics manager
11. Web Content writer
12. SMO (Social media expert)
13. Database / Email Marketing specialist
14. Mobile/wireless
15. New media
16. Operations
17. PPC Specialist
18. Business Analyst
19. Webmaster
20. Communications/PR
21. Pod casting
22. Web Marketing
23. Search Engine Marketing (called as SEM)
24. Web Analytics
25. Social Media Marketing
26. Animation (in various formats)
27. Graphic Designing
28. Video Creation
29. Online Copy writing
30. Online PR specialists
31. Freelancing

1) If it's a web design company or a company not focused on the web industry at all, you may have to be Jack-in-the-box: copywriting, SEO, increasing link popularity, managing PPC campaigns, web analytics analysis etc. This job can be called Online Marketing Specialist or so. Then, as company (and its online marketing needs) grows, they will have to hire somebody to help you - and this is how you become senior specialist or project manager, and then department director.

2) If the company has serious [Online] Marketing Department or focuses solely on online marketing (or one of its niche themes), then you may expect some (or all) of the following niche positions there: Copywriter, PPC Specialist, Affiliate Marketing Specialist, SEO/SEM Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, Mobile Marketing Specialist, Project Manager, Department Director etc. Depending on the size of the department, there can be also "Senior" positions.
Also, in order to avoid messing up, you should remember that SEO and PPC advertising are part of SEM activities.

Designers and developers (usability specialist or/and interaction designer or/and information architect, webmaster, web designer, web developer, Flash developer, interactive designer, video/audio specialist), marketing/business/PR people (business analyst, market research analyst, PR specialist, sales manager, marketing manager, etc.), general managers (product manager, account manager) are those who facilitate online marketing activities, so there is a chance that you either have them in the online marketing department, or at hand, but in other department or outside the company.

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