Friday, October 17, 2008

Audio/Video on your Website

On the internet, it's all about finding information fast. Audios and videos have their place in the business. Some say Audio works Brilliant ! and some prefer Video. HOWEVER, if they are used appropriately they can be handy. Billions of Videos and Audios are watched every month and the number tends to grow rapidly, so apparently videos and audios are a great way of transferring information, without having to read lots of text all the time.

Important factor to note here is the loading time. Many times visitors drop off a web page if it takes entirely too long to load and they move to the next in line. So make the audio simple and interesting and of minimum time. Discourage the use of bad background music.

Nevertheless If we compare Audio Vs Video, some people love to or very much prefer to find information Visual rather than playing an Audio because they can scan something visual which they can't scan through audio. But still, a combination of Audio and Video can be something which can't be ignored wholly. Good pictures and sounds if you can add in a video the more engaged the visitor will feel.

Audio Acrobat can be helpful to stream the audios which allows the reader to start/stop/pause manually. It allows the users to have an on screen player (a customizable appearance) and you can have it auto start when the page loads.

However crucial points to keep in mind:

1. Don't force it on the user - let them launch it.
2. Keep an eye on your bandwidth!.
3. Offer some of your audio as downloads, too.
4. Don't replace the printable documentation.

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