Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally Wolfram Alpha in Action: Screenshots

For all the Search Engines lovers who are interested in knowing about this Google killer (some people dubbed it so) Wolfram Alpha, here comes some information on that. Wolfram Alpha is a new "computational knowledge engine" based on the work of Stephen Wolfram. This new search engine claims that it is different from standard search engines that we are all familiar with today.

Here are some of the screenshots captured and posted on the readwriteweb


Query #1: internet users in Europe

Query #2: weather oakland

Query #3: oakland

Query #4: uncle's uncle's brother's son

Query #5: water 550C 3 atm

Query #6: integrate x^3 sin^2 x dx

Query #7: bob

Example of a copy and paste dialog:

Embedding Search Results:

A video which shows the public demo at the Berkman Center can be seen below.

If you are interested in knowing whats behind the scenes of Wolfram Alpha datacenter check out this video:

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