Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twitter New York Times Account hacked !

Seems like the hackers are enjoying the hacking game on Twitter. Now its the turn of the famous New York Times Twitter account which is being hacked. Ugh another nasty trauma. Heading on to this news further, The Moment, brings this news for us, which brings news from their fashion blog.

In a post from Valleywag, its mentioned that "Earlier tonight I received an email from Gawker's eagle-eyed publisher Nick Denton with an iPhone screengrab that contained an ad for naked webcam action on the Times' Twitter feed." A couple of hours later the NYTimes confirms that their account being hacked and apologized for the public for what has happened.

It was a big sigh of relieft for them as nothing much big damage has been done and issue seems to have been quickly resolved. So guys everyone needs to be careful about their passwords and their is a need to keep our passwords strong and computers clean and safe

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