Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is the RESPECT for DMOZ Dying among the people ? is considered to be one of the popular Open Directory projects among all the directories. It is also considered to be the answer to Yahoo's more closed directory. This happened to be the case till now. But now it seems like slowly the popularity for DMOZ is dying among the people. This comes of from the webmasters who are looking for inclusion into it.

First if we can have a close look into the compete data, the traffic stats for Dmoz has declined significantly in terms of visits, page views, unique visitors. From the compete data we can analyse that dmoz which has 1,798,727 unique visitors in April 2008, has 1,358,926 Unique visitors in June 2008 and 1,274,898 unique visitors in April 2009. This is clearly an indication of huge dip in the unique visitors(-0.13%) and visits(-1.85%) over the past one year.
Unique visitors

Decline in Unique visitors and Visits

On its official blog of DMOZ editor glippitt has published that it is looking for some respect from its users and says that Dmoz still shines and is still a valuable search tool for its users. He even explains in the blog post on "what DMOZ does do well, and the when and how of using various search vehicles to help users find what they're looking for".

Contrary to his post there some harsh reactions for this post where people hardly praises DMOZ for its effort in bringing users quality search experience and some people went on to comment in this fashion.

"If DMOZ wants respect, its needs to reciprocate the same to its users."

"Well DMOZ is quite like a black box. I think you should work more on the communication, add more interaction."

"Who's to say that DMOZ editors are more reliable and able to provide links that are balanced? "

These are some of the snippets from the commennted posts. But the outrage seems to be huge as most of the comments seems to be against it. Well we can conclude that people were unhappy and looks for certain things like these from their side

1) The site should work more on the communication, add more interaction when someone submits a site for acceptation.
2) Editorial review of the submitted sites isn't upto the mark.
3) Editors needs to be more reliable and should be able to provide links that are balanced

So what really makes you think that dmoz is a mere waste of time. Share in your comments here

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