Friday, February 6, 2009

Google Analytics details on your iPhone

Google Analytics on your iphone. Now you might be wondering Google might have launched this application. Hold on for a min Guys, its not Google. has launched an this application which helps to track yours Google Analytics details on yours iphone. The Analytics App is available on the iPhone AppStore for $5.99. But i am hopeful that Google may come up with Analytics App free which is it probably know for, launch of free products. This application gives access to yours Analytics data anytime. And now if you are looking buy this application click this link App Store.

Whether you are in a meeting or sitting on a throne this app gives you a quick and easy access to yours google analytics data at your fingertips. This is Cool isn't ?.

Some of its cool Features include:
1) Quick overview of its data
2) Detailed reports for more deeper analysis
3) Multiple login and Multiple accounts support
4) Custom Reporting and Goals

In addition to these it has 29 Overview reports like Overview Reports, Visitors Reports, Traffic Reports, Content Reports, Event Tracking Reports, Custom Reports, etc

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