Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Video Sites that perform better than Youtube

YouTube may be one of the best mainstream video-hosting site on the Web until now, but there some other video sharing sites which is worth having a look into them.
1) Viddler

Viddler an online video hosting service is best noted for its introduction of inline commenting and tag annotations in online videos. Viddler is also credited for the introduction of the latest and greatest invention to the embeddable video market i.e., the ability to customize your player colors, watermark brand, and have such link back to your website. Video demonstration can be found here Customizing Viddler

2) Vimeo

Vimeo a video-centric social network site supports video storage, embedding, sharing and user-commenting on each video page. One needs to get Registered with the site to access all these features. Pornography, Adult Videos, gaming videos, commercial videos or anything not created by the user are strictly prohibited on the site. Site gained a higher reputation because of its higher resolution, bit-rate, and relative High-Definition(HD) support.

3) Veoh

Veoh which attracts approximately 17 million unique visitors monthly according to a study allows viewesr to watch streaming web videos from across the Web. According to the sites internal metrics, it has stated that it has more than 28 million unique users per month. The Video sharing site uses both peer-to-peer (for its Player software application) and Adobe Flash-based streaming video (for its website) technologies.

4) Stage6 is a high quality streamed video sharing website where users can upload, share and view video clips. In June 2008, CNET hailed Stage6 as one of the greatest defunct websites in history. Its has really good video quality and its only downside is downloading the divx plugin to play the videos. However, Stage6, which in January 2008 had 10.7 million views, announced that it would shut down(check the screenshot) on February 28, 2008. On February 29, 2008, a day later than announced, Stage6 was reduced to its frontpage and suggested that the userbase should migrate to Veoh, another video sharing service allowing high-quality uploads.

Final Comments:
Screen quality appears to be the best with Viddler and Vimeo, and actually the second-worst for Veoh, better only than youtube.

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