Monday, October 13, 2008

Minor mistakes that can kill your SEO efforts

John has created a website and has done all the seo work: created good titles, meta-tags, Content, links, etc. He has been getting good traffic to his website all the time. One fine morning he found that there was a sudden dip in his traffic. He was worried that google might have penalised him. He starting checking his website for relative errors and found out that the reason beyond that was that his client has added hyperlink to a Keyword Phrase which was bringing them a lot of traffic to a new Product page. Google crawled the new page and the traffic dropped drastically by 75%. So, Here i have compiled a list of common mistakes which will might you.

1) Content Changes
2) Renaming of URL'S (Changing old urls to new urls)
3) Missing sitemaps file or site index on your website - a small SEO mistakes with huge impact.
4) Robot exclusion standard and installation of an unnececssary /robots.txt file on the site with a typo or incorrect syntax that basically tells all of the major web search engines "web site uncrawlable".
5) Not having a system in place for when the business picks up for capturing contact information, phone calls, etc.(A blunder i say)

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