Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reporting Paid SEO Links or Spam to Google

It's always annoying and frustration creeps in when you've put a lot of hard work into making a good website and telling masses about it or getting press releases - and then all of a sudden someone comes along the way and beats it with paid or spam links. Now What to do about this?. How to report about these spam links to Google?. Now here is a way anyone can use to report about spamming to Google and protect your's Privacy

1) Sign in with yours Google Account into Google's webmaster console and use the authenticated spam report form to report the problem to Google team, Copy the exact query from the google search box that shows the problem and the resulting google URL which shows the problem and then yours competitor URL which you have identified doing some unethical business into the boxes provided.
2) Next the most important factor is to report the exact problem that you have identified by checking the proper checkboxes provided in the form
3) If you have some additional details regarding the issue you can mention it in the box which is provided in the end.
Note: Make sure you have mentioned the proper Subject line for better processing of yours request from Google

Webmaster console :
Authenticated spam report form :

Unauthenticated spam report form :

Usage of proper subject in yours report form makes the work process easier every time. Now you are done in submitting the complaint to google all you need to do is wait until google takes action and to see yours competitor burning. Blackhat seo techniques never lasts long !!

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