Thursday, May 7, 2009

URL shortening Services Analysis - Hitwise US

With the increasing popularity for Twitter, the websites which provide the URL shortening service have also become a hot topic in the recent past. URL shortening services comes handy when not to exceed the 140 character limit on Twitter.
URLs shortening service Rankings
Let us take an insight into various URLs shortening services usage as published in a report from Hitwise. Until now, Tinyurl(66.39%) has dominated the category which was the default URLs shortening service for Twitter. Next comes which is now being replaced on Twitter as the default URLs shortening service for it. This switch is certainly going to have its strong impact until the next report comes in the next month from Hitwise.
URLs shortening service Monthly market share
Number 2 and 3 positions are occupied by and which experienced a strong growth of 200% during April month while Tinyurl also has seen a growth of 6% during this period.
Upstream Traffic from Twitter
With the new Twitter and partnership it may be a bit hard to expect its impact on Tinyurl due to the significant usage of desktop applications and plug-ins within the browsers which eliminates the usage of this service. However it looks bizarre for now to expect how these services are going to fluctuate from their current numbers until the next report comes in.

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