Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Popular and Better Desktop Client for Twitter - Nambu?

Most of the people who use Twitter uses Tweetdeck and Twhirl as their popular Desktop clients as they are most popular desktop clients for Twitter these days. Among these Tweetdeck being the popular among most of the users. But this weekend there comes another desktop client for twitter called Nambu a new Mac OSX Twitter client creating some buzz on the internet. Lets have a peak into this.

Nambu features:
1) Nambu consumes low memory when compared to the new version of Tweetdeck.
2) Nambu allows the users to create groups and seperate separate columns for specific searches just similar feature to Twwetdeck.
3) Nambu also supports more than one twitter account and the default url shortening service is tr.im which was developed by the Nambu team itself.
4) You can also translate any tweet into English with a simple keywboard short cut.
5) New users can be added into the group with rigt click menu.
6) It Automatically organizes your conversations into threads which is one of the interesting feature with nambu. It also does this for conversations that you don't participate in, but you have to be subscribed to both sides of the conversation.
7) Nambu also offers an iphone application.

There can be some bugs in this application but, Nambu is still in its beta stage. The new version seems to be consuming more memory than the earlier. We can expect some breaks now and then. But, the development teams seems to be working hard on it and issuing updates regularly which makes the process move fleetly.

But if you are a Mac User then definitely Nambu is worth a look.

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