Thursday, February 12, 2009

MSN Keyword Forecast tool from Microsoft Adcenter Labs

If you are on the web for a while then you might have been familiar with Search Engine Optimization/SEO process. Many people use the same old seo keyword tools which are free like Google's AdWords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, etc which are mostly popular and familiar. Now if you are interested in trying out for some alternatives in this regard you can use Microsoft’s MSN Keyword Tool.

Just enter keywords separated by semi-colons, such as: seo; sem; ppc. You get a graphical chart of keywords monthly history trend and impression count with prediction for the keywords. The demographics are also shown by both age and gender in the below graph. There is also a option provided to view the results in 3 different ways like Fancy view, Image view, Data view which is a different try and sounds good when compared with other tools. It provides the option to view the results in different formats for us.

Fancy view:

Image view:

Data View:

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