Thursday, October 23, 2008

Validation - MAMA says How often you do this

In the recent webmaster chat Google says that only 5% of the websites are according to the W3C validation standards. Stunned !!. Yes, this might be true guys. Interested to know further read on...
Enter MAMA (Metadata Analysis and Mining Application) a web page search engine which crawls Web pages and returns results elaborating the page structures, including what HTML, CSS and script is used on it, as well as whether the HTML validates.

What Information you get from MAMA:
MAMA intention is to help the opera web browser users with an unique tool which gives live examples of markup and other Web page structural components. MAMA also concludes that it can provide information on discrete issues such as "what is the 18th most popular element?" or "how popular can a Flash be?". For key findings from MAMA visit the link "MAMA key findings".

Now coming to our topic - Do people get everything validated on their website?. MAMA markup validation report says out of the every URL which it has in its data base it was able to validate 3,509,180 URLs in 3,011,661 domains, and only 4.13% of the URL set passed validation (with 4.33% of the domains having at least 1 URL that passed validation).

Some key information in MAMA report include:
1. XHTML Doctype pass validation at much higher rates (13.4%) than HTML flavors (6.6%).
2. A majority of pages specify a document's encoding, and do so via the META markup syntax (89.9%).
3. Doctype flavors pass validation at much eminent rate (17.5%) than Transitional (8.4%) or Frameset (7.2%)
4. More URLs are using Doctype statements. In MAMA's URL set, the number has passed the 50% threshold (51.0%).
5. Most popular detected encodings are iso-8859-1 (43.1%) and utf-8 (26.9%).
6. characters are used that aren't allowed by the detected character set (8.6%) is the most frequent fatal validation error found.
7. The most frequent validation errors encountered both deal with attributes:
* There is no attribute X (64.2%)
* Required attribute X not specified (57.4%)

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