Thursday, October 16, 2008

Important Keyword Factors to consider in SEO

Advertising your business or product or service or something which is different on Websites has become popular these days and people of all ages are relying mostly on web for faster modes of communicating. With the growing number of websites on the internet everyone wants to rank on top of the search engines for better business. Attaining top results on SERP's isn't easy given that there are number of websites competing for that position. But it isn't tough too if you follow some simple SEO strategies to optimize yours website. As most of us are aware that Google tops the search engines and everyone wants to gain top positions in Google. To attain a top position in Google SERP's here i am going to figure out some Important Factors which you need to consider:

1) Use the targeting Keywords in the Title tags of the HTML page header(Caution: dont spam yours title by placing all the keywords. Ensure that title should not be 150-170 characters long)
2) Use the keywords in the body context.( use 2-3 keywords in a paragraph of 150-250 words)
3) Place the keywords into the H1 and H2 tags.(use no more than 2-3 of yours targeting keywords in the header)
4) Use the keyword name in the Domain name and in the URL's.
5) Use keywords in the Anchor Text of Inbound Link.
6) Use yours keywords in the Navigation menus.
7) Use keywords in the footer page during the optimization process.
8) Use keywords in the internal navigation of the pages.
9) Keywords in the Alt-text of the images.
10) Save your folder names with keywords

Note: In all the above mentioned factors try to ensure yourself that you don't spam by the excessive usage of keywords

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