Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boost your site traffic with Publicity Wheel

If you are looking to boost in traffic and exposure for your website at absolutely no cost you need to check out for this cool website Publicity Wheel. It is a new startup that adds a new spin on promoting your website. Mark who built edutagger, a K-12 social bookmarking site for educators and Fame Experiment also built the Publicity Wheel.

The concept is so simple, just sign up and provide some simple details about your website and upload the banners (125 x 125 pixels, 200 x 200 pixels and 468 x 60 pixels) and then your banner may well be seen on other members websites thereby resulting in more exposure of yours website. Each time they spin, a new site is selected which features on the banner image or text link that users places on their websites. Each time if someone clicks on the image you will be gaining a certain publicity points which in turn increases yours chance of winning when they spin the wheel.

This looks like a great idea of promoting new websites to increase their traffic and exposure in the internet world. However the amount of traffic that one receives is going to depend on where the user places the banner ad on their site and how many users are going to sign up for Publicity Wheel. But this is certainly something to look out for newbies.

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