Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photos of 9/11 plotter on Web ?

Earlier today the images of alleged al-Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at Guantanamo Bay have appeared on the internet. Mr Mohammed had earlier admitted planning the 9/11 attacks, the US military says.

Mr Mohammed appears with a long beard and wearing a white robe in the photos, taken in July by the Red Cross at the US detention centre in Cuba. Red Cross said it took the most recent photos in July and sent them to Mr Mohammed's family and were not intended for public release. But according to Jarret Brachman, former research director at the Combating Terrorism Center of the West Point US Military Academy the images have appeared in recent days on extremist websites.

President Barack Obama, who has said he wants to close the Guantanamo detention centre by January, kept Mr Mohammed's trial is currently on hold as it is yet to be decided on how to continue military prosecutions for some detainees.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Size of our World

The Size Of Our World






Note: The source for this material is unknown. It was submitted without attribution via Rense

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Google UK on Fire Today

Reports were coming in from a professional journalist on Twitter, Jon Swaine which says that Google UK Headquarters in London are currently on Fire.

You can watch clear picture of fire on the roof of Google UK’s office on Buckingham Palace Road below.

Google UK on Fire

The Telegraph writes that the building was evacuated now and thankfully no one got hurt. A big Sigh of Relief. it is also told that the outcome fire was the result of a tree catching flames during a rooftop terrace BBQ above one of the three floors Google occupies in the building.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Google Doesn’t Index the @ Symbol?

I wonder how many of you might be knowing this fact that Google doesn’t Index the "@" Symbol. Given the rise of Twitter So why doesn’t Google index this symbol to make it easier for us to find all references?

Now According to Matt Cutts, the reason for not indexing the @ symbol was intentional. Why because, if Google did index the "@" sign then the email addresses would come through and it would just make all the spammers to gather even more email addresses for their Spam campaigns. However, Matt also indicated that this may change in the future. You can find Matt explaining the same in this video.

200 years - changes in the world

This is a fantastic video explaining with some beautiful comparisions on how the world changed over the past 200years. The video explains us how the life and health of people used to be during 1809 in all countries of the world and how it is now.

Some conclusions from the video:
1) During 1809 all the countries in the world have a life expectancy which is under 40 years and avg income per person was less than 3000 dollar per year.
2) In the last 200years Developed countries were performing aggressively well in the health sector.
3) After 100years there was good growth seen in health and life expectancy in the developed countries.
4) During the 1st and 2nd World war the difference between the richest and poor was increasing.
5) Right now with the world economy in recession the developing countries are going to catch up the developed countries in the next 3years.
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